Barb and Steve are the piercers here at Krimson Ink,
They have many years’ experience between them.


You must be 16 years old to get a body piercing and must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver on your behalf if you are under 18 years old. Nipple or genital piercings will not be performed on a minor, not even with parent consent as this is against the law in South Australia. A consent form must be filled out and signed by everyone getting a body piercing and photo ID must be shown.


We pierce most areas, Naval, Belly, Ribs, eyebrow, septum, and beauty spot, lip, tongue, ears, nose, cheeks nipples and genitals. We also do surface piercings in all areas.


We use surgical grade steel, bioplast or titanium jewellery for the initial piercing. If you prefer gold it must be at least 14k. You will need to supply your own jewellery and it must be the correct size and type as specified by us as to what is most suitable for the type of piercing you are having. You will need to bring the jewellery in before your appointment as it needs to be autoclave sterilised before we can use it. A $10 inc GST fee applies for this.


We have a selection of body jewellery available for purchase. Your piercing must be healed before your jewellery is changed, at least 6 weeks, and some areas may take longer than others to heal. We sell Ball closure rings. Belly Bars, Barbells, labret studs, horse shoe bars, stretchers, plugs, and tunnels, nose studs, nipple shields, retainers and spare balls. We also have a large variety of fashion jewelry at very competitive prices.