1. Take dressing off after 30 minutes – 1 hour (DO NOT RECOVER)
  2. Wash your hands
  3. Wash your tattoo with liquid soap
  4. Let your tattoo air dry or pat dry with paper towel
    (Don’t use your regular towel as thus may be contaminated with germs and will cause infection. Paper towel is best as it can be disposed of after use)
  5. Apply a very small amount of tattoo after care cream and work into your tattoo
    (Less is best when it comes to tattoo cream, only apply what the skin can absorb)
    Repeat 3 times a day
  6. Keep your tatoo out of the sun, NO swimming in either salt or chlorinated water for the duration of the healing process, approximately 1-2 weeks
  7. RESIST SCRATCHING!! Your tattoo may become extremely itchy when in final stages of healing. Resist the urge to scratch as you may knock the scab off before it is totally healed, pulling the ink out with it. This would leave either crack marks or missing bits in yout tattoo.


Aftercare should be followed twice a day for 2 – 6 weeks.
You will need :

  • Rock or Sea salt
  • Make-up Pads
  • Warm Boiled or Distilled Water.
  1. Dissolve ¼ teaspoon of rock or sea salt in a cup of warm boiled or distilled water
  2. Soak your make-up pad in the salt solution
  3. Sit the wet make-up pad on top of your piercing for a few minutes, this will soften any crust that has built up around the jewellery.
  4. When you have removed all the crusty build-up, again soak the pad in the salt solution, this time squeeze it over your piercing, repeat this several times.
  5. Rinse clean.