I’m fairly sure came out of the womb holding a pencil. I’ve had a creative knack as far back as I can remember and even from a young age, whilst everyone was drawing stick people with extra limbs and other mysterious body parts, I was drawing fairly realistically. I began to take my art seriously in year 11 and 12 when I moved from Port Lincoln to Adelaide, and immediately continued on to University to study a Bachelor of Design and Visual Communication – majoring in illustration once school was over. I was studying and working as an apprentice, and gained experience in the tattoo realm through a couple of studios for brief periods before starting my own business as a freelance artist. My art style usually has a surreal/macabre aesthetic, and takes influence from historic Japanese art and tattooing, Art Nouveau, and American traditional tattooing. It often features nature and animals as the main content. As for tattooing, I work in a range of styles and use my technical skills including solid line-work, shading and colouring, to create a tattoo outcome that meets the clients needs

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