I did my 1st tattoo nearly 24 years ago. I had always been interested in art and did some sketches for a local newsletter , I always enjoyed painting and had my work displayed in the Mannum art gallery.
I was getting a tattoo on my hip and got chatting to the artist about my painting and drawing and he offered to set me up with tattooing equipment and give me a couple of lessons, I accepted his offer and have never looked back. I worked at several studios throughout south Australia over the years and now own Krimson Ink, I love being my own boss. The studio is bright and inviting, just like me and the rest of the crew. I’m a happy friendly person and I love my job.
Tattooing is my life and I’m proud of my achievements so far. I can do all styles of tattooing and have won many awards in numerous categories. My work has been published dozens of times and I am a well known artist here in South Australia. I really enjoy bright colour work in any style and I am at the moment tattooing a lot of the water colour style designs. They look amazing and are really fun to do. I love realistic stuff and neo seems to be my thing. Even poly tribal, I really like that as well, I guess I’m just good at everything, haha. My best advice to the newbies who haven’t got many tattoos is. Decide on a design, go hard, don’t let fear compromise your decision and commit to it.

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